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ASV Committees and Members

  • Communications Committee

    Kari Debbink, Co-Chair (2025)
    Bryan Mounce, Co-Chair (2026)
    A.J. Campbell (2023)
    Elana Ehrlich (2025)
    Tyshawn Ferrell (2024)
    Amy Hartman (2025)
    Shan-Lu Liu (2025)
    Grant McFadden (2023)
    Bryan Mounce (2025)
    Laura Murray-Nerger (2024)
    Faten Okda (2025)
    Larissa Thackray (2025)
    Dave VanInsberghe (2023)
    Nick Wohlgemuth (2025)
    Camille Wouters (2023)

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

    Rushika Perera, Chair (2025)
    Cara Pager, Vice Chair (2025)
    Pheonah Badu (2025)
    Kaleigh Connors (2024)
    Patrick Dolan (2026)
    Hinh Ly (2025)
    Chioma M Okeoma (2024)
    Akira Ono (2024)
    Colin Parrish (Ex officio) (2024)
    John Purdy (2023)
    Laura St Clair (2025)
    Andres Rivera Ruiz (2026)

  • Education & Career Development Committee

    Susan D’Costa, Co-Chair (2025)
    Dave Kushner, Co-Chair (2026)
    Mackenzie Anderson (2026)
    Erik Barton (2025)
    Jillian Carmichael (2024)
    Patrick Creisher (2024)
    Sarah McDonald Esstman (2026)
    Kelly Gorres (2024)
    Geoff Holm (2025)
    Sam Jeyasingh (2026)
    Andy Kilianski (2025)
    Cynthia McMillen (2025)
    JJ Miranda (2024)
    Sridhar Pennathur (2025)
    Jonathan Snyder (2026)
    Stephen Stray (2026)
    Andrew Tai (2026)

  • Finance Committee

    Anthony Nicola, Chair (2025)
    Sarah Connolly (2025)
    Alan Goodman (2025)
    Adriana Forero (2025)
    Joanna Shisler (2025)
    Katherine R. Spindler (ex officio)

  • Global Partnerships & Advocacy Committee

    Stacey Schultz-Cherry, Chair (2025)
    Jim Alwine (2025)
    Kari Debbink (2025)
    Ana Fernandez-Sesma (2025)
    Felicia Goodrum (2025)
    Ed Hutchinson (2025)
    Miguel Quinones-Mateu (2025)
    Allen Segal (2025)
    Duncan Steele (2025)
    Marco Vignuzzi (2025)

  • History & Archives Committee

    Lorena Passarelli, Chair (2024)
    Richard Condit (2023)
    Anthony Fehr (2026)
    Micah Luftig (2023)
    Wendy Maury (2026)
    Marilyn Roossinck (2023)
    Nicholas Wohlgemuth (2025)

  • Membership Review Committee

    Kevin Sokoloski, Chair (2025)
    Donghoon Chung (2025)
    Craig Forrest (2023)
    Marta Gaglia (2023)
    Alison Kell (2025)
    Wenjun Ma (2024)
    Joseph Mattapallil (2025)
    Hiep Vu (2023)

  • Nominating Committee

    Colin Parrish, Chair (2024)
    Jillian Carmichael (2024)
    Michelle Flenniken (2024)
    Andrew Mehle (2024)
    Cara Pager (2024)
    Rushika Perera (2024)

  • Travel Award Committee

    Christiane Wobus, Chair (2026)
    Steven Baker (2026)
    Logan Banadyga (2026)
    Saurabh Chattopadhyay (2026)
    Marceline Côté (2024)
    Elisa Crisci (2026)
    Alon Herschhorn (2026)
    Robert N. Kirchdoerfer (2024)
    Stephanie Langel (2026)
    Shitao Li (2024)
    Benjamin M. Liu (2025)
    Mandy Muller (2024)
    Cara Pager (2026)
    Vir Singh (2025)
    Katherine R. Spindler (ex officio)
    Zhilong Yang (2026)
    Jacob Yount (2026)
    Kevin Zwezdaryk (2026)

  • Program Planning Committee

    Moriah Szpara, Chair (2025)
    Aurelie Rakotondrafara, Vice Chair (2025)
    James Brien (2025)
    Melinda Brindley (2024)
    Christopher Brooke (2024)
    Alexander Bukreyev (2023)
    Samuel Campos (2026)
    Anna Cliffe (2023)
    John Connor (2025)
    Leonard D’Aiuto (2024)
    David Davido (2025)
    Florian Douam (2024)
    Brenda Hogue (2024)

Joseph Hyser (2023)
Mukesh Kumar (2025)
Helen Lazear (2025)
Efrem Lim (2023)
Benjamin Liu (2026)
Jia Liu (2025)
Kinjal Majumder (2026)
Shin-Yi Marzano (2026)
Jared May (2026)
Balaji Manicassamy (2024)
Juan Sebastian Mantilla Granados (2025)
Andrea Marzi (2025)
Sarah McDonald (2024)

Hong Moulton (2024)
Jarrod Mousa (2026)
Tuli Mukhopadhyay (2026)
Christine O'Connor (2025)
Kristin Parent (2025)
Andrew Pekosz (2025)
Rushika Perera (2025)
Megan Stanifer (2024)
Kenneth Stapleford (2024)
Spyridon Stavrou (2025)
Scott Terhune (2024)
Brian Ward (2023)



From ASV 2019 at the University of Minnesota, TWiV explores the origins of the American Society for Virology with Sid Grossberg and Pat Spear.

Links & Resources

ASV Virology Job Site

The ASV Virology Job site is a free resource brought to you by the American Society for Virology. Please use the site ( to list all the virology jobs available in your labs, departments, institutions and companies and refer it to your friends and colleagues.

  • The only Virology-specific job site on the Net.
  • Search for jobs by type, keyword and/or region
  • Post jobs from your lab, department or company in appropriate categories for Virology
  • Completely FREE to ASV members!

History of Virology

This site is supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to the American Society for Virology and is part of the Sloan Foundation Program on the Recent History of Science and Engineering of the Web. This ASV site is on the history of structural virology and was created by Sondra and Milton Schlesinger, Department of Molecular Microbiology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, who are responsible for its content.

All the Virology on the WWW

One of the best single sites for Virology information on the Internet, containing a collection of all the virology-related Web sites that might be of interest to virologists and others interested in learning more about viruses. The site links and catalogs virology, microbiology, and related pages world-wide and contains on-line courses and tutorials; a listing of scientific meetings; post-doctoral and other job listings and resources for employment in academic, government, corporate, and consulting fields.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Network

Job announcements, Government & Politics, New Grant Competitions, Community Colleges, Campus Life, articles and links to other sites of interest.

One of the leading on-line sources for graduate and post-graduate information. Programs are listed in easy-to-use and very functional curriculum-based directories that include program descriptions, contact information and links.

NIH Research Training Opportunities: Extramural Training Mechanisms

This National Institutes of Health, Office of Extramural Research web site provides a compendium of training opportunities at various institutes of the NIH. The training mechanisms are listed by your level of professional development, i.e., high school, undergraduate (college) opportunities, pre-doctoral graduate student, and postdoctoral. Career resources, forms, and other job links are available on this site.

Science's NEXTWAVE...resources for the next generation of scientists!

Job market news; career transitions; job hunting; diversity in the workplace; postdoc and faculty issues; highlights for graduate students; salary survey; and much more. This site is developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Canadian Universities

This list includes all institutions that are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, as well as other institutions that offer full-time study at the university credit level.

Web, U.S. Universities, by State

This page of UT Austin Web Central contains a list of regionally accredited U.S. universities organized by state. Only one server is listed for each campus: the primary central server. In the absence of a central server, another server may be selected.

PhD Degrees at Universities in United States

A good resource for all-around information on any graduate degree.


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