Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Award

The Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Award was established to recognize junior investigators who have made significant contributions to the field of virology and who display exceptional promise. They are named in honor of former ASV President, Dr. Ann Palmenberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for her tireless efforts over several decades in supporting and continually improving our society’s annual meeting.

ASV President Andrew Pekosz, Junior Investigator Awardee Zongdi Feng, Ann Palmenberg, Junior Investigator Awardee Marta Gaglia

Award Winners

Seema Lakdawala, Ph.D.
Nicholas Heaton, Ph.D.

Zongdi Feng, Ph.D.
Marta Gaglia, Ph.D.

Jonathan Miner, Ph.D.
Ricardo Rajsbaum, Ph.D.

Siobain Duffy, Ph.D.
Stacy Horner, Ph.D.

Jesse Bloom, Ph.D.
Ken Cadwell, Ph.D.

Nels. C. Elde, Ph.D.
Anice C. Lowen, Ph.D.

Matthew J. Evans, Ph.D.
Andrew B. Ward, Ph.D.

Jan E. Carette, Ph.D.
Michaela U. Gack, Ph.D.
Benjamin tenOever, Ph.D.

Seema Lakdawala Headshot

2020 Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Award winner, Seema Lakdawala.

*2020 awardees’ talks will be presented at ASV 2021.

Heaton Photo

2020 Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Award winner, Nicholas Heaton.


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