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"Why Rhinoviruses Don't Cause Pandemics"

Ann Palmenberg, PhD
Monday, July 19, 2021

So Many Viruses to Make You Sick
Emmie de Wit, NIH/NIAID
Andrew Pekosz, Johns Hopkins University
Kim Green, NIH/NIAID
Moriah L. Szpara, Pennsylvania State University
2020 Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Awardees

Virus Machines
Kelly Lee, University of Washington
Robert Kirchdoerfer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carlos Catalano, University of Colorado
Kathryn V. Holmes, University of Colorado
2021 Ann Palmenberg Junior Investigator Awardees

The Many Faces of RNA
Cara Pager, University at Albany
Stacy Horner, Duke University
Anna Marie Pyle, Yale University
Maria Carla Saleh, Institute Pasteur
Anne E. Simon, University of Maryland

Antagonizing Viruses: In Principle and in Practice
Jonathan Abraham, Harvard Medical School
James E. Crowe, Vanderbilt University
Priscilla L. Yang, Harvard Medical School
Ralph Baric, UNC Chapel Hill
Kizzmekia Corbett, NIH/NIAID

State-of-the-Art Lectures

“Helical Symmetry in Respiratory Syncytial Virus Filamentous Virions”
David Bhella, University of Glasgow

“Viruses and Endogenous Viral Elements in Parasitoid Wasps”
Gaelen Burke, University of Georgia

“Host Cell Modulation for Enhanced Control of Influenza Viruses”
Nicholas Heaton, Duke University

“Lightning Storms of Calcium Signaling during Virus Infection”
Joseph Hyser, Baylor College of Medicine

“Dengue, then Zika: A One-Two Punch ”
Jean Lim, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

“Chromatin Loops and Transcriptional Control of HSV-1”
Donna Neumann, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Satellite Symposia

Shaping the Infected Cell Proteome
Organizers: Felicia Goodrum, Councilor of Animal Virology;
Scott Terhune

Frontiers in Invertebrate Virology
Organizer: Paul Friesen, Councilor of Invertebrate Virology

Viral Pathogenesis and Prevention in Animals
Organizer: John S. L. Parker, Councilor of Veterinary Virology

Co-transmission of Multiple Viral Genomes
Organizers: Nihal Altan-Bonnet, Roberto Cattaneo

Viral Evolution of Immune Evasion
Organizer: James Munro, Alon Herschhorn

Viral Modulation of Host Cell Metabolism
Organizers: Christiane Wobus, John Purdy

Schedule at a Glance

All event times are in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-4)

All event times are in Eastern Time Zone (GMT-4)
All event times are in Eastern Time Zone (GMT-4)


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